Series Director: INSIDE THE BANK OF ENGLAND (Raw Television for BBC2; 2X60; TX Spring 19)

Following Mark Carney and his staff throughout 2018 as they try to revive the UK’s economy

Director & camera: THE ACCUSED (Brinkworth Films for C5; 2x90; TX 2&7.17)

From charge to verdict, two feature length docs about people accused of serious crime

NOMINATED – Royal Television Society Awards (Single Documentary)

NOMINATED - Broadcast Awards (Original Programme)

SHORTLISTED - Grierson Awards (Single Documentary)

Series Director: 5 STAR BABIES – INSIDE THE PORTLAND HOSPITAL (Plum for BBC2; 2x60; TX 4.16)

Following the patients and staff at the UK’s only private maternity hospital

Senior Producer: SCRUFFTS – BRITAIN’S FAVOURITE DOG (Mentorn Media for C4; 1x60; TX 3.16)

Fast turnaround doc – from commission to screen in 13 days – about this quirky alternative to Crufts

Series Director: MILLION POUND PROPERTIES (RDF for C4; 3x60; TX 10.15)

From castles to council houses, a look at the properties - and the people - behind 7 figure deals

Series Producer: BRITAIN’S BIGGEST PRIMARY SCHOOL (Century Films for C5; 4x60; TX 2.15)

2 terms following the lives of pupils, teachers and parents at Gascoigne Primary School in Barking

Edit Producer: PARKING MAD (Century Films for BBC2; 1x60; TX 2.14)

Ob doc series about people fighting parking fines

Series Director: THE CRANE GANG (Liberty Bell for BBC2; 3x60; TX 9.13)

6 months inside the greasy, gritty and spectacular world of the people who lift Britain into place

PD & camera: THE RAILWAY - KEEPING BRITAIN ON TRACK (Century Films for BBC2; 6x60; TX 2.13)

I shot and directed 3 of these observational films about the people who run our railways

PD & camera: REVERSE MISSIONARIES (Twenty Twenty for BBC2; 1x60; TX 3.12)

A Jamaican preacher travels to England to search for his religious hero and revive the Church

Producer-Director: SECRET MILLIONAIRE (RDF for C4; 1x60; TX 4.11)

Sean Gallagher faces up to painful memories when he helps an epilepsy charity in Middlesbrough

PD & camera: ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY (Darlow Smithson for C4; 6x60, TX 1.11)

Six modern day builders attempt to construct an authentic Roman Villa for English Heritage

PD & camera: HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVE (RDF for C4; 1x60; TX 4.10)

Can help from a wealthy sponsor transform the life of a family living below the poverty line?

Producer-Director: SHANTIES & SONGS OF THE SEA (Twenty Twenty for BBC4; 1x60; TX 5.10)

Documentary travelling the coast of Britain to explore the music of our maritime heritage

Producer-Director: HOW A CHOIR WORKS (Twenty Twenty for BBC4; 1x60; TX 9.09)

Gareth Malone and the BBC Singers reveal what it takes to make a fabulous choir

PD & camera: MAKE ME A CHRISTIAN (Wildcard for C4; 3x60; TX 8.08)

Are Christian values the answer to society’s moral decline? A group of non-believers find out …

PD & camera: THE CHOIR: BOYS DON’T SING (Twenty Twenty for BBC2; 4x60; TX 2.08)

Choirmaster Gareth Malone tries to bring a culture of song to an all-boys comprehensive school

WINNER - BAFTA (Features)

WINNER - RTS (Constructed Factual)

WINNER - Broadcast Award (Popular Factual)

Edit Producer: THE CHOIR REVISITED (Twenty Twenty for BBC2; 1x60; TX 1.08)

How did competing at the World Choir Games change the lives of 25 teenagers?

PD & camera: MUMMY’S GIRL (Twenty Twenty for C4 Learning; 30mins; TX 2.07)

Drama based on the real-life experience of teenagers whose mothers have come out as gay

Producer-Director: FAMILY BRAT CAMP (Twenty Twenty for C4; 4x60; TX 10.06)

Problem kids and problem parents face up to their troubles on the plains of Idaho

Producer-Director: BRAT CAMP 3 (Twenty Twenty for C4; 4x60; TX 2.06)

Seven teenage girls are sent to the American wilderness to sort out their problem behaviour

Producer-Director: BAD LADS ARMY – OFFICER CLASS (Twenty Twenty for ITV1; 1x60; TX 7.05)

Thirty bad lads endure 1950s National Service and try to make the Officer grade

PD & camera: THE REAL GOOD LIFE (Granada for ITV1; 1x60 + 6x30; TX 8.05)

Three families follow Tom & Barbara’s dream and swap the rat race for suburban self-sufficiency

Producer-Director & camera: A NEW LIFE DOWN UNDER (Granada for C4; 2x60; TX 12.03)

UK families uproot to Western Australia in search of a new life

Producer-Director & camera: WIFE SWAP – SERIES 1 (RDF for C4; 1x60; TX 3.03)

Two families exchange wives & mothers for 2 weeks